We’re a generous bunch

Australians are caring people who want to help. Often, we just need to know how.

That’s where Warm & Fuzzy comes in.

Our community of donors is ready and waiting to distribute their fuzzies across causes on our site. Donors can contribute as little as 50 fz, making daily giving truly possible. And with so many people ready to help, it all adds up to a big opportunity to get support.

List a cause as a charity or as an individual, and start getting the warm and fuzzy feeling that comes from knowing there are people who really want to help.

Listing as an individual

Rather than struggling to raise enough money from friends and family, we can get your cause in front of hundreds of generous donors from right across the country. And with easy social media sharing, it can get in front of thousands more.

If you’ve got a genuine need to raise funds for a personal issue, then turn to our community of caring Aussies for help.

You’ll still need your friends and family

As part of our validation process, we ask that your friends and family support and endorse your cause first.

Once they generate enough support and endorsement to meet our approval guidelines, we can then share it on our giving platform and our wonderful Warm & Fuzzy donors will see it.

Plus, we make it easy for people to share your cause via Facebook, Twitter and Email, so after donating, your friends and family can spread the word to help you reach your funding goal faster.


Here’s how to list your cause

fuzzy step1
Step 1

Register with us and create your cause listing.

fuzzy step1
Step 2

We’ll check your cause to make sure it meets our guidelines, then publish it on the Warm & Fuzzy platform. You can check which causes we are able to support here.

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Step 3

Share your cause with friends and family so they can support and endorse you, and once you’re approved, we’ll share your cause with our community of donors.

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Step 4

When you hit your target, or at the end of your campaign we’ll transfer the money raised into your verified bank account.

Things you need to know:

  • As we’re a registered tax deductible charity we need to keep all targets reasonable, and we might ask you to justify your target amount if we think it’s unreasonably high. This keeps things fair for everyone.
  • You can choose to list your cause for up to 180 days.
  • When your cause reaches 110% of the funding goal or passes its end date, we’ll close the cause so other causes can receive help too.
  • Almost all of the money raised makes it directly to the cause, but we keep a small amount (7%) to cover our running costs, transaction fees and to support our Fuzzy Rewards programme.
  • All funds are collected using a secure third party gateway provider, and your details are kept private on our system.

Listing a cause for a charity

As a charity, listing a cause on our website means you can gain access to our community of donors who are distributing their fuzzies across a range of causes every day.

You can list a cause for a specific initiative (say, funding a particular research project or funding six months worth of counselling for a young person), and this is a great way to help our donors understand how their donation is lending support.

Or, you can list an ‘evergreen’ cause, with no specified end date, where donors can simply choose to support your charity - perhaps with some of their fuzzies they’ve earned as rewards!

Our tips for a successful campaign

The most successful causes engage with their supporters from the very start. If you want your cause to succeed, we suggest:

  • Including lots of detailed information in your listing - including photos and videos if possible
  • Keeping your listing current with updates
  • Reminding people to share their support on their own social networks along the way
  • And most importantly, thank your donors when you reach your goal – it won’t happen without them.


What kind of causes can I list?

We support causes in need of financial support to help those who are suffering.

The following types of causes can be listed with Warm & Fuzzy:

  • Care of the Aged
  • Bereavement hardship (including the loss of a breadwinner)
  • Cancer
  • Disability Support – including essential equipment
  • Diseases
  • Emergencies
  • Medical Disorders
  • Medical Equipment
  • Medical Operations
  • Medical Treatment
  • Natural Disaster Relief
  • Terminally Ill Wishes

If you think we can help but your cause doesn’t fit neatly into one of these categories, get in touch with our team.


Let’s get you the funds you need

Listing your cause is easy, and only takes a few minutes.
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