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Warm & Fuzzy is all about bringing people together around causes that matter.

By listing a cause on our platform, individuals and charities can GET much needed funds for a cause from thousands of potential donors;

And donors can GIVE money easily and safely, directly to the people who need it.

If you’re suffering from a personal crisis, you’re a charity looking for a community of people who can offer support, or you love to help people in need, you’ve come to the right place.

Providing support, one Fuzzy at a time

Getting a ‘Warm & Fuzzy’ feeling with us starts with our own currency.

$5 donated on our platform buys 500 ‘Fuzzies’ to distribute to causes that matter most.

Donors can use as little as 50 fz or as many as they wish each time. They even get bonus Fuzzies for every donation, as well as for sharing causes, so everyone wins.

When a cause has generated enough Fuzzies, it is 'funded' and the costs are paid directly to those who need it.

Did you know?

Over 80% of Australians give to charity each year, and the most common reasons they choose for donating are “to give back”, and because they “care about doing the right thing”.

Real causes with real need

With so many ‘causes’ floating around on social media, it can be hard to work out which one truly needs support.

We ensure that:

  • People only ask for the amount they need
  • Their ID is verified
  • Their friends and family back their cause first to provide ‘social validation’ of their need

At Warm & Fuzzy, we do all the checking for you.


Note – Many charities take upwards of 20% in administration and fundraising costs, and some take far more. With us, almost every cent goes straight to your recipient (we just keep 7% to help cover our running costs, credit card fees, and our fuzzy rewards).

Rachel’s story

Rachel from Sydney had already been through a battle with breast cancer when she discovered that one of the breast implants she was given after a mastectomy had ruptured.

What made matters worse was that her doctors advised that her other implant had to be removed too, making the cost of her treatment unaffordable for her young family.

She listed her cause with Warm & Fuzzy, and after meeting our guidelines and getting support from her friends and family, we shared it on our site.

She raised $8,917.50, and the surgeon, seeing how people were rallying around the cause, generously decided to do some of the work pro-bono. In situations like this, we return the unused donations to donor's fuzzy accounts - keeping true to our values of honesty and transparency.

Rachel got the help she needed, and so many wonderful donors got to be a part of making it happen.


Do good, feel great

It’s easy to donate - simply register your details in seconds, buy 500 ‘Fuzzies’ for just $5 and start donating. The little critters are even tax deductible, so click the button below and get started today.

List your cause today and get help

Listing your cause could make a big difference in your time of need. If you have a cause, we want to help.


Can I list my cause?

We focus on supporting causes where people have suffered loss or hardship, such as battling a difficult illness, caring for a sick loved one, facing an emergency, or being affected by a natural disaster.

Registered charities who focus on relieving human suffering, supporting those with disabilities, and improving lives can also list causes - either for specific funding initiatives or as an ongoing donation opportunity - and gain access to our community who are ready to spread their fuzzies around.

If that’s your situation, click the button below to get started.

Not ready to sign up?

If you don’t currently have a cause that needs support or aren’t quite ready to donate, we’d still love you to be a part of our community. You can start an account without buying any fuzzies, and start earning rewards for getting the word out about what we’re trying to do.

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