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Australia leads the world in providing specialist care and treatment for children with serious and life threatening illnesses, something we all appreciate when it’s needed. Having a child diagnosed with a serious medical condition that may require treatment for months, or several years is traumatising for the entire family, but imagine if it also meant several hours, or days of travel just to access treatment. This could mean days, weeks or months away from home and the support of family and friends, and having to deal with long difficult treatments in isolation away from the support of your partner and family. In addition, being faced with travel and accommodation costs of thousands per week as you try to keep your family together on top of the very significant treatment costs that families face with a seriously ill child.

For families living in regional areas this is their reality as they face the significant and difficult challenges to access treatment for a child that is only available in the major hospitals. 40% of families with children diagnosed with cancer in regional NSW have relationship breakdowns due the stresses during the treatment process, and for other conditions the statistics exceed 70%. This is a tragedy for the parents, the siblings and the child receiving treatment.

Wings4Kidz aim is to lessen the significant burden and effect of long distance travel for these children and families by providing a specialist free air service, and keeping these families together during this difficult journey. Our aircraft are registered for commercial operation, and our pilots are carefully selected for their skills and experience to ensure the highest level of safety is provided for our precious cargo.

It’s not hard to imagine how this benefits a child and family during their treatment journey. Having to put a seriously ill child into a car for a 7-10 hour journey each way on a weekly basis is not only stressful for the parents, but it’s also detrimental for the
children both physically and emotionally as well as detrimental to their health. Replacing this with a comfortable 1 hour flight reduces the financial stress, is safer, less fatiguing, and something the kids really look forward to. We make sure the flight is an enjoyable experience and understand that our passengers are not usually experienced flyers so customer care is extremely important to our team.

For a child requiring specialist treatment for heart conditions, blood disorders, cancer, congenital disorders, burns treatment or the many other conditions which can only be treated at major hospitals, Wings4Kidz is there to support them throughout their treatment journey.

Thanks to all who donated!