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Cause Starting Date: December 13, 2017

Started By: Nicole Kirkland
Beneficiary: Mackinlee Kay

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My name is Nicole Kirkland and this is the journey of my 6 year old niece, who is lucky to be alive.

My Aunty and niece were involved in a fatal 4 car, 1 truck car crash in September where my Aunty was killed on impact and Mackinlee was airlifted to Hospital with life threatening injuries, that severe that the doctors were sure she wasn’t going to make it.

Her mother has not left her side since the accident and is totally exhausted, both physically and mentally.

Mackinlee has a very long road ahead of her with intense rehabilitation daily to regain basic skills and will need a lot of equipment and aids to assist her, eg: leg braces, shower chair, wheelchair, car for the wheelchair to fit in, ramps, etc.

Please help this gorgeous and strong willed little girl.

Mackinlee’s Story:

Hi everyone, my name is Mackinlee, I am 6 years old.

Today I have a new name, everyone calls me a MIRACLE girl. In September this year, my mummy, big brothers and myself went to visit my Nanny and Poppy whom live in Wollongong.

On September 26 this year on our drive home something happened that changed our lives forever. We were in a freak and tragic 5-car car crash, we collided with a big truck. My Nanny Kay was killed on impact, my mummy was unconscious, my big brother Riley was hurt but he was ok. We were all taken to Port Macquarie hospital where the doctors said I wasn’t going to make it. The NETTS team was called in to stabilise me and I was airlifted to the John Hunter Hospital in Newcastle, where I was in surgery for 13 hours.

Injuries I received were: broken pelvis in 3 places, broken femur, ruptured bladder, dislocated hip, extensive brain trauma and extreme brain injury, left side paralysis. I was in the ICU unit for 15 days in an induced coma.

Day 2: the Neurosurgeon said I was 99.8% brain dead.

Day 3: I squeezed my big brother Riley’s hand.

Day 8: I was taken off the life support machine and had to show the doctors that I could sit up on my own in my chair. I was monitored closely for the next week and moved from ICU to the Children’s ward.

Day 15 – 20: the process began for my body and brain to start functioning and be able to communicate by opening my eyes.

Day 25: the doctors requested that I be transferred to the Lady Cilento Children’s hospital in Brisbane. I was able to communicate with thumbs up and thumbs down.

Day 29: I was transferred from John Hunter Hospital to Lady Cilento Hospital where I met my new doctors and rehab staff. I had to have another operation to have the frame that held my pelvis in place taken off. My mummy asked me if I was going to talk again, I nodded and said yes.

Day 33: I can now talk and have a chat with everyone in person and on the phone. I don’t have to have a tube in my nose to feed me as I can now eat and drink. I can transfer myself from my bed to my chair, I am lifting my left leg and left arm and I have my cheeky wink back. I will be up and learning to walk again in the next week.

My journey thus far is known to be a miracle but I still have a long way to go. I need to learn to walk again, I need to strengthen my left side and I’m going to need your help to be able to financially have the necessary medical equipment and stuff to help me get better so I can go and feed the ducks with my cousin Indi.

My family have lost one of the key parts to our family and that was our Nanny Kay. I was in a coma when we honoured her life and said goodbye. My Nanny always told me that if I believed in myself anything is possible and she always told me how much she loved me. My journey to recovery is hard and it’s tiring but by the miracles, powers and wonders of God, I am here and sharing my story with you today.

I would like to ask you one question, if it were your daughter in my shoes right now, how would you support her?

I am going to need:

  • A new wheelchair and a new car to put my wheelchair in
  • A walking frame
  • A shower chair
  • Some ramps to get in and out of the house
  • Ongoing rehabilitation

I would like to thank everyone for the love and support that has been coming in for us.

Thank you mummy you are my strength and I do believe in myself. Thank you for all who have prayed I ask you to keep praying for me. The light, energy, prayers and healing are what's keeping me getting stronger and stronger each day. Hope you all have a good day.

Much love, Mackinlee Kay xoxoxo
God bless

Again thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you are able to help.
Kind regards,

January 16,2018 at 7.42pm
Update #20

Practising my walking and having a swing at the park

UPDATE DAY 2 Today was a rest day however I decided to do my own physio and practice what I had learnt yesterday I surprised my mummy early this morning I rolled onto my knees by myself I then started to crawl up the bed I then showed my mummy how I could get off the bed with what I learnt yesterday I then got myself back on the bed and even stood up by myself I then asked mummy to help me practice walking I walked across the room and back with my mummy help my special aunty B Belynda Billa Suter then came up with the girls and we spent the evening at southbank where I had my first swing in 13 weeks my aunty and myself swung to the sky and back and mummy even had a swing with me I had a beautiful day much love kinlee Kay xo
January 16,2018 at 7.12pm
Update #19

Today I walked twice along the bars

UPDATE 1st day back and I saw my whole team which was wonderful I'm now in day hospital 2 day I stood up 4 times on my own and I walked the bars twice I also learnt how to balance on my knees and how to go from knees to standing it was so much fun it's good to be back at rehab so I can focus on being able to walk much love Mackinlee Kay
January 09,2018 at 5.49pm
Update #18

Chrissy fun before returning to hospital

UPDATE Had a great day 2 day started off with selfies then Oscar and Emma Griffiths came for a visit and brought my mummy some beautiful chocolates and a beautiful special Christmas present a magical unicorn pencil case and it was great to see you really enjoyed the morning and the afternoon I went up to my special family friends Cintamani Manning and one of my best friends Sarhara I sat on a normal chair first time in 14 weeks Billy Jean and Sarhara encouraged me we ended the afternoon with magic water balloons had so much fun 2 day count down begins 4 days till I return to hospital to start my intense 6 weeks programme much love kinlee Kay x
January 09,2018 at 5.42pm
Update #17

Fun times


Just a few pics of my Christmas break 2 days before I have to go back to rehab to walk again I have had a magical time catching up with all the pets meeting karma hanging out with Billy Jean catching up with all my brothers Taylor Anderson Riley Anderson Byron Anderson my dad as well Daniel Fenwick for making my time enjoyable to aunty B Belynda Billa Suter for all the love and support you have constantly put into my recovery
January 09,2018 at 5.33pm
Update #16

Pull myself up unassisted

My new trick for the day I can now pull myself up by myself and can turn around have a great day much love Mackinlee Kay xo
January 09,2018 at 5.32pm
Update #15

Christmas Day with family and friends

UPDATE DAY 5 CHRISTMAS DAY AT HOME WITH MY WHOLE FAMILY AND ALL THE ANIMALS I HAD A BEAUTIFUL DAY FROM MORNING TO NIGHT MY SPECIAL aunty B Belynda Billa Suter and my cousins who have all played a huge part in my recovery thus far it was rather special and I received many phone calls which I thankyou all for my brothers all of them my daddy and my special Daniel Fenwick and especially my mummy I had a wonderful Christmas and I hope everyone had a special day merry Christmas to everybody much love Mackinlee Kay x
January 09,2018 at 5.26pm
Update #14

Carols and Fireworks

UPDATE DAY 3 at home being loved by Karma my Aunty Letetia Hockley came to see me which was awesome then Daniel Fenwick took me to night carols I had such a great time and caught up with Laurent Boileau and Brelle it was magical I got to see fireworks I caught a wheelchair taxi there and home I had such a great time thankyou Daniel Fenwick I love you to the moon and back xoxo
January 09,2018 at 5.19pm
Update #13

1st day at home for christmas

Update 1st day home for Christmas after 12 week in hospital was amazing my day started with a great ride home in the wheelchair taxi to gold coast saying goodbye to all my therapists till early next year I arrived to be greeted by my all of my brothers dad and Daniel Fenwick my best friend Sahara and my aunty Cintamani Manning it was so good we played everything and I got to 2 finally meet Karma and got to see precious I had all my fav0rites like sausage bacon mash potato yummo I have had a wonderful magic day at home 1st day FREEDOM X
December 23,2017 at 12.29pm
Update #12

6 yr old goes home for Christmas despite all odds

Young girl's recovery from horror fatal crash in time for Christmas is 'medical miracle' says mum

ABC Illawarra
By Chloe Hart

Posted earlier today at 6:19am

Mackinlee Anderson defied medical beliefs to return home for Christmas after horror car crash in September, 2017.PHOTO: Mackinlee Anderson has defied medical expectations to return home for Christmas after a horror car crash in September.
Doctors thought six-year-old Mackinlee Anderson was brain dead and paralysed after a car accident that killed her grandmother and injured her mother and brother.

Four cars and a B-double semi trailer were involved in the crash on the Pacific Highway at Port Macquarie, on the New South Wales coast, on September 26.

Emergency services were shocked that some members of the Gold Coast family came out of the wreckage alive.

"[Mackinlee] had a broken pelvis in three places, a ruptured bladder, dislocated hip, broken femur," her mother Kylie Anderson said.

"They said her left side was paralysed, [she had an] extreme brain injury and we were told she was 99.8 per cent brain dead."

Ms Anderson's mother — and Mackinlee's grandmother — 72-year-old Kay Anderson from Wollongong, who was driving, died in the crash.

Doctors 'astonished' by recovery

Mackinlee Anderson recovers from horror car crash in time for Christmas. PHOTO: Mackinlee spent several weeks in intensive care. (Supplied: Kylie Anderson)

It has been a long road but Mackinlee's incredible recovery has caught her doctors by surprise.

"Astonishing. We are so pleased she has done so well," said Dr David MacDonald, head of paediatrics at Port Macquarie Hospital where the Mackinlee was initially treated after the accident.

"She was so severely injured I wouldn't have been surprised at all if she had not survived — and if she did, she would be extremely severely impaired."

After being transferred to the intensive care unit at the John Hunter Hospital in Newcastle for some weeks, Mackinlee is now a little closer to home at Lady Cilento Hospital in Brisbane where she is undergoing rehabilitation.

"Things are going remarkably well and considering the severity of her injuries, we are so grateful to see her start to walk again, to talk, and she is in good spirits," Dr Macdonald said.

Three months on from that terrible day, Mackinlee is set to leave hospital and head home for Christmas.

"Mackinlee's beat all the odds and to have her home at Christmas is an absolute miracle and that's my present," her mother said.

Road to recovery

Mackinlee initially underwent a marathon 13-hour surgery and was in the ICU for almost three weeks before she began to use her eyes to communicate.

Doctors have described Mackinlee Anderson's recovery as astonishing after being in a fatal car crash in September 2017.PHOTO: Doctors described Mackinlee's recovery as 'astonishing'.

After about a month, she started talking and stopped needing to be tube fed.

However, she still has a long way to go teaching herself to walk again and strengthen her left side.

"Her left side is still weak, but she now has full use of it," Kylie said.

"Her speech has come back tenfold, and she is now eating normal foods and they are hoping to have her back in school by February."

Her brother Riley has been instrumental in helping his sister with her rehabilitation, helping her do arm twirls and leg curls at her bedside.

Kylie said her daughter would need intensive physiotherapy, and occupational and speech therapy until she turned 18.

"Her fantastic recovery is due to some great care and being a child, children's brains have remarkable recovery," Dr Macdonald said.

"There will be a need for prolonged recovery and assistance and the more help they get, the better the outcome will be, but I am optimistic."

Reminder to take care on roads

Despite the good news of Mackinlee coming home for Christmas, the Anderson's are not celebrating too much while they try to find the money to pay for Mackinlee's ongoing medical care.

Kay Anderson was killed in a car and truck crash at Port Macquarie in September 2017.PHOTO: Kay Anderson was killed in the car accident in which Mackinlee was injured. (Facebook: Kylie Anderson)

A GoFundMe campaign has been set up to help pay for rehabilitation costs, including a new wheelchair, walking frame, access ramps for the house and a shower chair.

And as thousands of families hit the roads this Christmas break, holiday makers are being urged to drive safely to the conditions.

"The road conditions were undoubtedly a contributor [to the Anderson's accident]," Dr Macdonald said.

"During the upgrade of the Pacific Highway, before the dual carriageway which is now open, there was a significant spike in road trauma of which Mackinlee's case was one."

Kylie believes her mother Kay saved her granddaughter's life.

The family requested donations to the Lady Cilento Children's Hospital in lieu of flowers at Kay's funeral.

"My mother lived for her grandkids and died for her grandkids," she said.

"If it wasn't for this special angel sitting on her shoulder, I don't think Mackinlee would have made it."

December 20,2017 at 3.07pm
Update #11

Miracle Girl goes home for Christmas

Yay I am doing such a brilliant job with my rehabilitation, that the doctors and medical staff are letting me go home to spend Christmas with my family. I will be going home this afternoon but I have to come back to the hospital to restart my rehab just after new year. Having 2 weeks out of hospital will be amazing. Merry Christmas everybody xxx
December 19,2017 at 5.40pm
Update #10

Merry Christmas
December 19,2017 at 5.39pm
Update #9

Outings and Presents

We had Carols by candlelight on Saturday which was really awesome I got to eat my first ice cream cone since the accident I also have met the most amazing little boy who is in the room next door to me because he was in a motorbike accident Oliver his name is he brought me a naughty elf and comes into my room to keep me company each day I have not been allowed to leave my bed since Friday due to running a temp it rose to 38.9 and the doctors are unsure why Oliver has sat with me drawn me pics and his mum Lisa Sheather is an amazing human and mummy Oliver brought me some raindeer ears and I love his company thankyou for sitting with me Oliver and keeping me company while I have been fighting my temp all weekend and thankyou to David Holt for sending me the most gorgeous angel to protect and heal me I am suppose to go home in 3 days for Christmas but due to my temp spiking all the time I'm not sure at the moment if I'm allowed I love you mummy thankyou for not leaving my side plz pray for me and keep me in your light healing and energy thankyou Oliver and his mummy for making me feel special playing with me and making me feel special especially since I couldn't leave my bed much love Mackinlee Kay xoxo
December 19,2017 at 5.26pm
Update #8

Troll Day

UPDATE 81,82,83, The last few days have been special to say the least I finally meet the special lady Tanya Steedman King and her beautiful daughter Dennon King for the first time this lady has guided my mummy to help with my recovery since the accident along with my Nanny Kay it was happy Troll day at lady celinto on Friday all the nurses dressed up
December 19,2017 at 5.18pm
Update #7

Getting so much better

UPDATE DAY 80 Yesterday I went on my first outing to the art gallery I caught a wheel chair taxi with my mummy my physio Mel and my OT Deb it was the first time I had been on the road since my car accident it was a nice few hours out I had to add dots to the dotty room then my friend from school came up Eve we had a great time I took her to the starlight room Christmas party we meet Elisa and all the captain's it was a lot of fun I also got to catch up with a very special friend who I meet at the hospital who came back after being discharged to wish me a merry Christmas Hannah it was lovely to see her I was lucky to meet Nook the therapy dog to end my day xo
December 19,2017 at 5.14pm
Update #6

Friends and Captain Karaoke

UPDATE DAY I HAVE had a great time my best friends from school came up to visit Jasper and Oscar we played some games and then I took my friends to the STARLIGHT ROOM we meet a great lady Kylie Stapleton she was a special lady who shared my story of my journey CAPTIN Karaoke is the best face painter I love her so much Oscar also got this face painted we played video games Brianna-Jayne Suter and Casey came to visit me which was lovely I also went for my first walk at night thanks to my Aunty B Belynda Billa Suter Bacardi and Billy Jean we went for fish and chips and I had my first piece of Calamari and my first drink of coke which I held and controlled all by myself I was so proud of myself xo

December 19,2017 at 5.09pm
Update #5

Walking and drinking

UPDATE DAY 75 WAS A SPECIAL DAY It started off with my physio Mel and James showing me a new way of stand up transfer to make it easier for my mummy that went so well I stood up so my physio took me to the gym I TOOK MY FIRST 12 STEPS OF WALKING today I was so happy and proud and everyone shed a tear of joy for me cause I blew everyone away they didn't think I could do it till after Christmas so they really have renamed me now MIRACLE GIRL it will be 11 weeks tomorrow since the car accident and day 2 they told my family I would be 98.9 percent brain dead but I have beat the odds and I'm so PROUD I was also upgraded back to normal food for breakfast lunch and dinner I'm so happy now and I had a appointment with the eye doctor who cleared me from being blind and explained to me my eye that is dilated will go down within six months he gave me a princess crown and said I was a miracle I'm so happy I also met a beautiful lady who made me a beautiful dream catcher for my wheel chair my Aunty B Belynda Billa Suter and Barcadi came up as a special visit to see me after I walked I was so excited I hope everyone had a great Monday I thank everyone for their prayers healing energy and light I still have along way to go so please don't stop I wish everyone a magical week ahead I am getting excited as I can go home in 8 days for Christmas but must return on the 8th January for more intense therapy to help me recover xo
December 19,2017 at 4.59pm
Update #4

standing and painting

UPDATE DAY 68,69,70,71, This week has been huge for me I got to cook choc chip muffins as therapy I was also upgraded to ice cream and thin fluids which means my shallow is much better and becoming a lot more stronger I can now protect my airways a lot better I was also given botox in my legs and start serial casting on both legs which will give my muscles a huge stretch and place my feet ready to walk as my muscles have shortened due to not walking for 10 weeks i can now eat chicken nuggets fish fingers and yesterday I stood up and painted for the first time in 10 weeks I was so proud my mummy had tears rolling down her face I surprised everyone as I was only suppose to slide my bum but I stood up i was so proud my journey thus far has been long and tiring but I always remember what my nanny said IF YOU BELIEVE IN YOURSELF ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE thankyou mummy you are my strength and I do believe in myself thankyou for all who have prayed I ask you to keep praying for me the light energy prayers and healing are what's keeping me getting stronger and stronger each day hope you all have a good day much love Mackinlee Kay xoxoxo
December 19,2017 at 4.51pm
Update #3

Face painting

UPDATE DAY 66,67 This weekend was very special I was allowed out for the first time I had my face painted as a reindeer as well as a unicorn from the starlight people my mummy took me for a walk to South bank markets and I finally felt fresh air sun on my skin I had a great weekend ready for therapy again this week xo
December 19,2017 at 4.47pm
Update #2

Mackinkee is doing well

UPDATE DAY 58,59,60,61,62,63 I HAVE had such a big week in therapy this week learning to do slide transfers it's been huge I also had a wonderful visit from my special friend Jasper and his beautiful mum Kisa they brought me some wonderful gifts for my hands and a wonderful bunch of flowers it's the weekend time to relax xx
December 19,2017 at 4.24pm
Update #1

Mackinkee's Progress

UPDATE DAY 51,52,53,54,55
This week was massive for me on Monday my Aunty Nicole Kirkland had to go home it was a special visit on Tuesday I had my nose tube out cause I'm now eating soft meals and taking my medication orally so my special aunty B Belynda Billa Suter made me my own spaghetti and boy did I enjoy it yummo yummo I have to have it pureed but it was so yummy thanks aunty B my OT said I have improved 30 percent than last week with my ability on Wednesday I had a special visit from aunty Terri Mcguinness Allie Berry they brought me lots of cards up from all my friends at Ashmore state school and a special present from my special friend Jasper I also stood up on my tilt board which was exciting it's a step closer to me walking I am now allowed to eat cheese and bacon balls, Burger rings they tried me on real water and a sandwich physio was hard this week as I'm learning how to sit up and transfer my weight it takes so much out of me and yesterday I got to have a sandwich and I am now allowed to have lemon pepper tuna my left side is starting to wake up i can now open my left hand and move my left arm and leg it's still very weak plz keep praying and sending me light energy love and healing I still have a long way to go they are calling me a MIRACLE have a great weekend xoxo

Thanks to all who donated!