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Cause Starting Date: March 03, 2017

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Feed The Little Children Inc. was established in Broome in 2011 to provide genuinely and extremely disadvantaged children, with vital nutrition as one of the fundamentals of life.

Our purpose:
The primary purpose of Feed The Little Children Inc. (FTLC) has been to prevent young Australian children starting on the pathway to a life of crime because they are forced to steal to satisfy their hunger. Our Broome based project has already evidenced a 47% reduction in charges against children for stealing, benefitting the children and the Broome community.

Indigenous and Aboriginal communities across Australia face significantly high levels of deep poverty and household food insecurity due to various factors such as historical, situational and cultural circumstances - up to 40% of Indigenous Australian families live below the poverty line and struggle to provide the basic levels of nutrition to children in their households.
The most vulnerable are children in the age groups of 0 to 14 years of age.

What we do!
Fresh meals are prepared in their donated kitchen and delivered with the support of volunteers and generous donors twice a week to approximately 350 children, from mainly single parent Aboriginal families.

Our Mission.
Our Mission is “to provide a fully funded emergency food service 365 days a year, direct to children in need

Your support is important to realize our vision of providing a meal for needy children in our community who otherwise go hungry.

June 26,2017 at 2.17pm
Update #4

1000 Meals

Thanks so much!!

With your incredible support, your donation has helped us provide almost 1000 meals to the most vulnerable kids in Broome!
To read more about the work that you are supporting please visit http://www.feedthelittlechildren.org.au/

Best wishes and much love,
The Team @ Feed the Little Children
Broome, WA
April 26,2017 at 9.13am
Update #3

Now More than Ever

Thank you for your incredbible support.

Now more than ever we need to publicise this charity as they face a uncertain future due to funding.

Please watch the video below on 10 news in Perth.

From the Team @ the Warm Fuzzy Foundation.

April 04,2017 at 11.43am
Update #2

338 Meals

Thank you for all your donations. So far $932.00 has been raised which is fantastic.

We are a small charity and every dollar goes to feed our children, and is sincerely appreciated.
Please assist us by promoting our work far and wide to give visibility to children who desperately deserve all our support.

We are responsible for feeding 350 children every weekend,
Our objective is to provide a year food service 365 days a year.
Thank you!

March 14,2017 at 2.06pm
Update #1

Thank you

Thankyou for your kind donation to Feed The Little Children Inc. through Warm & Fuzzy.

We are only a small charity, but our volunteers and supporters have very big hearts for the highly disadvantaged Australian children you are helping to support.

From Team Broome @ Feed The Little Children Inc.

Thanks to all who donated!