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Anyone can fall on hard times – a medical emergency, a terrible illness or a personal crisis that they just didn’t see coming.

It could’ve been you (and if it was, you’d want some help, right?).

By sending ‘fuzzies’ towards a good cause today, you’re carrying on an Australian tradition of giving a helping hand to those in need.

In just minutes, you could help to:

  • Buy life-saving medical equipment
  • Get someone treatment for a serious illness
  • Support families that are recovering from a crisis
  • Or even cover expenses after a loss of life

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Every cause is a real cause

Unlike some platforms, we only allow legitimate causes to be listed on our site.

We personally check:

  • The ID of the person listing it
  • The eligibility of their cause and the
    associated expenses
  • That they’ve shared it with their own network and have received endorsement and support from people who know them first

So when you see a Warm & Fuzzy cause, you know that they truly do need help.

Your small fuzzies can make a difference

Through Warm & Fuzzy’s shareable giving platform, we’ve given people in genuine need a wonderful way to get help... from a community of caring people.


Buy fuzzies for as little as $5 ($5 equals 500 Fuzzies)


Log in to choose causes you wish to donate to and send them as many fuzzies as you like


You can help a cause even more by sharing it on Facebook, Twitter or Email in seconds (and earn more fuzzies in the process)


You get to instantly see your donation go towards your cause, and watch the direct difference it makes to the people you want to help. Warm & Fuzzy only keep a tiny 5% to cover our running costs.

Throw fuzzies around anytime you like

Once you’re part of the Warm & Fuzzy community, it’s easy to login and give fuzzies to causes whenever you like.

Every time you donate, you can show people in your circle of influence how much you’re helping (and hopefully encourage them to donate too).

  • Donate 100 fuzzies while having a coffee
  • Throw 250 fuzzies across 5 causes while on the train
  • Get through that boring work meeting by giving 50 fuzzies to every cause on the platform!
  • your donation options are endless with Warm & Fuzzy

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We love rewarding people who help

Helping causes isn’t always about donating money. We also give out FREE FUZZIES to our community when people:

  • Purchase fuzzies
  • Share a cause on Facebook or Twitter
  • Donate the final fuzzies to help a cause reach its goal
  • ...and more

It’s all about thanking you for helping us get the word out about our worthy causes.

Here’s how to donate

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Step 1

Register to join the
Warm & Fuzzy family

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Step 2

Buy some ‘fuzzies’ and start giving them to your favourite causes

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Step 3

Share that warm and fuzzy feeling on Facebook, Twitter and Email to help get the word out about the causes that matter most to you


Sign up now and become a Warm & Fuzzy supporter in just 36 seconds

It takes less than a minute to register, but your fuzzies never expire. The little
critters are even tax deductible.